1. L

    SOS - Surface

    Help! I need some recovery image for my surface pro 4. I'm from Brazil, and I'm not able to reinstall my Surface Microsoft Data Does Not Restore. Can someone upload this image and send me a download link? help me
  2. P

    PowerPoint problems with graphics card

    Hello, I have a problem with my PowerPoint install, everytime I start a presentation I got the message: Powerpoint has detected that your video card may not be properly configured to provide an optimal presentation of the slide Show. Is this normal on a Surface Laptop? I use the i5 with 8gigs of...
  3. C

    New introduction and a OneDrive question

    New introduction and one drive question hello I am new to the group. I have an older surface which I like a lot. I use it mostly when I go traveling. My problem is my one drive is making my surface hard drive full . I thought the purpose of one drive was that all my documents would be...
  4. M

    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Public Rollout Starts Today

    Windows Central reports that following months of testing, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has finally begun its public rollout, which will be taking place gradually around the world over the next few months. If you’re impatient to receive the update you can check manually to see if it’s...
  5. B

    End of surface?

    Has anyone seen the article online from the Sunday Express (posted on October 8, 2017) indicating that Microsoft could scrap their Surface line of devices in just over a year's time? I find this hard to believe. The analyst is Steve Brazier, who is chief executive of the analyst firm Canalys. He...
  6. P

    Display lock picture will not go away

    Hi! I have a surface RT. I downloaded an app which puts a slideshow of famous paintings as your locked screen display. A few days later it stopped working and paused on this terrible painting of an angel taking a dead man to heaven... so I went to change pc settings and changed the photo but...
  7. deadcatwalking

    Solved Touch Screen Fix (Permanent)

    Hi all. I just wanted to post this for anyone who is having issues with a dead touch screen. I discovered a permanent fix when the infamous 'battery drain' fix only worked until I rebooted. I hope this helps you all. If it does please like or comment on the video I created and share with other...
  8. T

    Solved Fonts in Illustrator Not Working Properly

    Dear all, I was wondering if you guys having the same issue as me. I currently use the latest AI CC downloaded directly from Adobe with full license. The same software I have been using for over one year on my laptop, everything is fine and perfect. But when I install it in my Surface 2017...
  9. M

    E3: Age of Empires Announced for Windows 10

    With the E3 gaming expo taking place this week in Los Angeles there have been lots of exiting announcements about forthcoming PC games, in particular Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, which was announced exclusively for Windows 10, with a closed beta due to start very soon that can be signed...
  10. M

    Neverwinter: Tomb of Annihilation Coming First to PC This July 25

    Perfect World Entertainment has announced that Neverwinter: Tomb of Annihilation will be coming first to PC on July 25, ahead of release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at a later date. The expansion sees death arriving in Faerûn via a mysterious curse, leading Neverwinter’s Harpers to head out...
  11. S

    Surface Book with P.B. or new Surface Pro i7 16GB Ram?

    I think about buying a Surface Device. But I am not sure if I should buy the new Surface Pro i7 16GB Ram or the Surface Book with P.B. i7 16 GB Ram dGPU, because with the Student Price the Surface Pro (with keyboard and Pen) is only around 200€ cheaper than the Surface Book. I will use the...
  12. M

    New Star Wars Battlefront 2 Video Shows the Imperial Point of View

    Pocket Gamer reports that EA Motive has released a new trailer for the eagerly awaited Star Wars Battlefront 2 that illustrates how the single-player campaign story portrays the Empire’s point of view through the eyes of an Imperial soldier. This is quite something for fans to get their heads...
  13. C

    Windows ink save format

    Hello, I'm playing with my new surface 4 pro and I have a question. Using Windows ink's tools I found out I can save what I draw on the sketchbook only as a (of course very big) PNG image. There is no option to select jpg as a format. The only way is to open the image in Paint and then save as...
  14. minar

    Problems after 14 months - screen, shut down during standby

    Hi, i own a Surface Pro 4 (i5 and 8gb of ram version) since march 2016. I use it as a student and as a developer, and i'm pretty satisfied with this product, at least i was. Some days ago i received the creators update. My Surface runs Windows and Ubuntu (i need it for work) but probably this...
  15. C

    Surface 3 turns up but I have no more response (w/ Pictures)

    Hello guys. I turned my Surface 3 (not the Pro) some days ago, but how upset I got to see it stopped working, as you can see in the pictures. Have anybody ever had a similar problem? I suspect it's the LCD which stopped working somehow. Don't know if the pictures are clear enough, but when I...
  16. P

    CPU throttled without reason

    Hi guys, I have an Pro 4 i5/8gb/256gb and sometimes I have the problem, that my CPU was throttled down to ~0,87 GHz and don´t clock even higher. The problem is with and without power supply the same. The Surface isn´t hot, sometimes the problem is directly after booting. Energy saving mode is...
  17. C

    Problem with surface pen

    Can anyone tell how to fix a problem when pen is writing with gap missing some parts of line, like in screenshot below? Already reconnected pen, also checked battery and button, everything is correct besides gaps.
  18. C

    Mobile calls via Surface?

    Does anyone know if there are any apps or possible way to make calls through my mobile phone from my surface (Pro 4)? I don't want to use Skype or any VOiP (Calls need to appear on my itemised bill), just tethered to my mobile phone and using the mobile network. My context is that I'm working...
  19. B

    i7 Surface book Battery consumption

    Just bought the new i7 16gb 512 gb HD with performance base. With a full charge the tablet without dock gets less than an hour of battery life and this is on power saving mode while I am simply sketching. Not to mention it gets hot, like almost to hot to hold hot. Right now I am just surfing...
  20. TunaSurface

    Surface stuck on UEFI

    So, my original surface that I got about three years ago is now pretty much bricked. Here's the issue: Every time I turn it on, it gives me the option to disk check or skip. If I let it disk check, it stops at 36%, and stays there for about 20 hours until going to the UEFI screen (most likely...