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    Clean Windows 10 install?

    Hello, I bought used Pro 3, and I'd like to clean install fresh Windows 10, because it turned out is's originally chineese version. Is there any way to clean flash Windows 10 from USB like on normal Laptops, of Windows 10 for surfaces is slecially modified?
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    Successful screen removal ?

    Has anyone found a single instance of a successful screen removal or done so themselves ? I got a really good deal for my Surface Pro 3, Its perfectly usable but it need a little love. New hinges and a battery while your in there... grand total of $50 if you can get the screen off. I have...
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    Solved Manually downloaded Intel beta graphics driver and ...surprise...that was not a good idea

    Now, this Surface (which I borrowed, for an international trip, btw, not completely sure if it's Pro2 or 3. I have to return it in less than 3 weeks. Or ...ig might as well not go back, haha) anyway, the Surface now has a black screen. device was on the charger, fully charged, keyboard is...
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    SP2 not boot (UEFI)

    Hello! I bought my parents a present surface. and so it turned out that the tablet is unfortunately not earned. Here's how it looks: I know that you say: "download a recovery image from the official site" but I cant Please help. Tried chkdsk /f (and r) - x Repair Windows - x Repair...
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    Solved Help on sending surface for replacement

    I just got everything sorted out for a replacement for my surface. All I know is I have to print a shipping label and drop it off at my nearby UPS location. However the instructions for what to send are a bit vague. Do I have to include the Surface packaging when sending it in? I don't have to...
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    Surface Pen - Word, Excel Annotating

    Running into an issue with Surface Pen when annotating (inking) in either Microsoft Word 2016 and/or Excel 2016. When touching the pen to the screen and making an annotation, the document is marked in a completely different area of the screen nowhere close to where the pen is touching the...
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    SP4 pro 4 won't update windows 10 version 1511

    hi there, I'm new to the forum I'm hoping someone can help! I have a brand new SP4 (i5, 4gb, 128gb) that won't accept the above update. i keep getting the error code 0x80073712, i have tried downloading the update as a standalone update, instead of relying on the automatic downloader, and i...
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    Surface disappointments

    Just bought a brand new Surface Pro 3 from Curry's for £700. Couldn't wait for it to arrive, but now that it has I must say I'm underwhelmed. Firstly, as with so many Windows PCs, the damned Windows Update service doesn't work despite my trying all the usual stuff I've gleaned over the last 3-4...
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    Surface Pro for OpenGL and Unity Development

    Hello, i would like to buy a surface pro device for developing opengl and unity when i am mobile. In general i am programing in C/C++ and Java via Visual Studio 2013 and Eclipse. So my choice is one of the following two devices: 1. Surface Pro 3 i5/128GB/4GB RAM 2. Surface Pro 4 i5/128GB/4GB RAM...
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    Best reading program?

    Hey guys, Finals are coming soon and i got a quick question. What is in your opinion the best program to read texts like summaries and pieces from books? I am looking for a program which supports the surface pen so that i can highlight important things and take notes, and to set bookmarks to...
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    Panos Panay please help with Support

    I have had a number of issues with my Surface Pro 4, but there are 2 issues that have not been fixed. The screen flickering when I dim the screen so I can prolong battery life, and the USB port on the charger can't charge the Surface Pro 4 and my cell phone at the same time. I have contacted...
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    Change button fonction of the pen (OneNote)

    Hi, Can we change the program startup when you click in the button (OneNote) ? I have installed the Microsoft Office 2016 software but when I click the button, the OneNote of Windows 10 start and not the OneNote of MS Office 2016. Can we change this ? Thank's in advance.
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    Surface keyboard not appearing on activation of ActiveX

    I have a question relating to the on-screen keyboard on my Surface Pro 4. When detatching the tablet screen from the keyboard on my Surface Pro 4, the on-screen keyboard appears as expected in text-entry instances (notepad, Word, Internet Explorer). However, I have created an ActiveX Text Box...
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    Solved Video and sound issue

    Last Saturday my SP3 was running fine. I could play videos no problem and sound was good. There has been no video or sound issues since I received the SP3 last xmas. Come Sunday I turned it on and went on Facebook. Noticed one of the videos I was accessing directly from the page seemed to be...
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    WI-FI problem with SP4

    Hi, yesterday I was handed the Surface Pro 4 i5 256gb 8gb (version: eu), but since the first start I had the first problem, the Wi-fi did not work well, the connection with wi-fi was slow and it continued to drop the connection, was not a problem of my modem/router or my connection, indeed my...
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    SP4i7 or cheap laptop & iPad air 3* ?

    Hello from me. I cant decide which of the two i'll buy! An Ms Surface pro 4 (i7 256GB 8GB ram) cost almost 1650 euros with the type cover with a 10% discount or a mid range cheap laptop at about 500euros with i5 proccesor with an ipad air 3 when is released on march ... I'cant decide guys...
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    Surface Book Pen Customization

    I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to further customize the surface pen. I love that I can assign different functions to back button however, at least for me, the default functions are kind of useless. I've already assigned one click to launch my web browser as I feel OneNote is kind...
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    Can Surface Pro 4 replace an Ultrabook?

    Hi to everyone, I am very interested in the new Surface 4 pro, but I have some doubt about it. First of all, and probabibly the most important question, can the surface replace an ultrabook? What loses, what earns more? My question is due to the fact that I am an university students...
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    will bamboo pen work?

    hi, just like in topic - i have a bamboo pen and ive been trying to make it work on my surface 3 with windows 10 but it isnt responsive. i read around the topic and the general consensus is that third party pens should work. ive tried to download some wacom bamboo drivers but at the end of the...
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    Opinions on Surface Book

    Hi all I am a college student who has just purchased the Surface Book. I have been asked to write up a paper on a high tech product launched within the last six months so I thought what better product than the Surface Book itself. Although I am an owner of the laptop and love it, I need to...