1. N

    Any way to customise trackpad gestures?

    Is there any way to customise the trackpad gestures on the surface book? For example, a 3 finger tap opens Cortana (or action center if you wish), but can I change it to act as a middle click? Can I use a two finger swipe back to go back a page in Edge? Or a three finger drag to move windows...
  2. P

    Unable to install Surface App after clean install

    I just reinstalled my Surface Pro 4 and can't find or install the Surface App for the pen. I got the i7 512 gb ssd and wanted to partition it, so therefore did a clean install of Windows 10. According to Microsoft I should just have to search for the app in the store, but it can't be found. I...
  3. N

    Why is the SB's display so red?

    The display on my SB (opened new from the box 10 minutes ago) has a really warm display (i.e. the whites on the screen do not look white, but look ever so slightly red). I have tried the colour calibration tool in windows and some other 3rd party calibration tools but that does not really fix...
  4. N

    Quick Q: SP4 i5 limited or full touch support

    Hi Pretty much in the title, I noticed the other day that in Computer properties it says "Pen and limited touch support with 10 touch points". I'm on the SP4 i5 256GB/8GB. It seems strange that a new 'high-end' device such as the SP4 would only have limited touch support? I don't have any...
  5. Bi-209

    Hi! New Surface user having issues with cursor(s)

    For some reason, my SP4 has a weird issue where it will use win7 loading cursors, then switch back to 8.1/10 mouse cursors. Under settings, I have confirmed that its supposed to use 8.1/10 cursors only. I also have gone through device manager and updated my mice/etc but all the drivers are...
  6. N

    USB hub with Ethernet connection

    Hi (new poster here ;) ) Basically I've procured a SP4 (with 256GB storage) to replace my slightly old PC so I will have essentially a smarter laptop/PC. I use PS3/PS4 for gaming which I think is getting more wise and cost effective these days. However, having a couple of external USB 3.0 HDDs...
  7. J

    Surface Pro 4 Boxed Weight and Dimensions Pleaseeee!?

    Hi there, Could anybody who has already received their device inform me as to the boxed weight and dimensions of the surface pro 4 i5 please? Very much appreciated Regards Jake
  8. B

    Internet Explorer page goes blank

    After using IE for a while, suddenly the page starts flashing blank and soon goes blank completely.The only temporary solution I could find was closing all the tabs and opening a new window. However, this is happening more frequently. What could be the reason for this? I have a Surface Pro 3
  9. E

    Surface 3 (Atom) not charging only when asleep (Weird)

    Hi, So I just got my surface 3 (Atom) a few days ago, and it has done this about three times now now. I can reproduce the issue easily. At night at the end of the day, my surface is almost dead, so I close the cover, plug it in, and leave it over night, but when I wake up in the morning, I find...
  10. A

    Physical touches always result in right-clicks

    I've been searching around the web and her - so far I haven't found anyone else with this issue. Pretty simple: Whenever I physically touch the screen, it acts as a right-click. This means in order to select things I need to use either the pen or the mouse. A restart solves the problem - for a...
  11. J

    So is it officially impossible to download anything outside of the windows app store?

    I noticed the day I got this tablet/pc that it would not let me download anything from outside the app store! After reading and reading it seems impossible! Is this true or is there a solution to this? Also.. The reason I bought this tablet is because it's also a pc so I was able to use it for...